1- How can you pay , Which payment do we support?

Ans: We accept Paypal, BTC, Ethereum, Payoneer and Westeren Union at this moment.


2- How long does it take to get the logins for the purchased account?

Ans: Normally the delivery take from 5 to 30 Mins. But due to time zone difference at Night time  the delivery can take upto 5 to 8 hours max. Best way for quick delivery is to connect with the online agent or Add our Skype ID: AWH2010  so the sales team can help you immidiately.


3- Can I get Karma on my own accounts?

Ans: Yes we do offer custom Karma building on accounts.


4- What are the basic requirements for ordering upvotes?

Ans: we recommend to ask for upvotes for Fresh posted links, i.e The link posted befor 5 mins to 30 mins. If its older than 1 to 3 hours then we wont help at all.


For more questions kindly contact at: info@freeupvotes.com  (Thanks)