What is Reddit – Understanding Reddit Marketing

What is reddit for much of the internet reddit is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world checking reddit dot com is like reading the daily newspaper except that Reddit it is timely interactive personalized participatory horrifyingly absorbing at times

What is reddit- Understanding Reddit Marketing

and basically good the way it works is that people submit links to reddit blog posts or images or videos and other people vote those links up or down it’s a simple idea but it makes reddit into a list of the best stuff that people are reading or watching on the internet right now the name is a contraction of reddit as in I already Reddit it and Reddit it which if you spend significant time on the site is what you’ll say to everyone who tries to show you anything if the kind of awesome curse because there are no editors on reddit you never know what you’re going to find but you can bet it’s going to be funny or interesting board and raging because thousands of other people have already voted that it’s something to see think of it this way if Google is where you go to search for things then Reddit it is where you go to see the things that people have found but Reddit it is not just one list of stuff to Reddit it is a beautiful fractal with sections called subreddits if you like just politics or programming or funny image captions or sports where world news there are some credit that list only that stuff and there’s going to be a subreddit for your city or country or region live a TV show that ended years ago there’s a sub reddit where people are still talking about it as though it just aired techniques have their technology and flag and on the off chance are interested in something that doesn’t get exist just press a button and a new sub reddit is born in each suburb it works just like the main page a constantly updating list of interesting stuff according to the people interested in that stuff when a subreddit grows large it can be terrifyingly good at this for example off a section devoted to adorable this is a global twenty four hour a day battle to find the cutest images ever turns out if you give people with baby animal photos a place to have their baby animal photos compete the result is the highest density of cute as human civilization has get creative but without editors running the site how does that sorting process work there’s no time to get into the code but you can think of it like this links people submit our balloons floating up and down the list when someone votes up a link it adds a bit of helium and.

Down vote sucked out a little bit of helium periodically Reddit it puts waits on all of the balloons giving newer links that show up later a chance to compete against the ones that have been around longer this method is shockingly good at sorting stuff be it international politics are pictures of computer set ups of course one website covers the whole of human endeavor things get weird like separate it’s for only photos of birds with arms are only photos of Hitler with socks and then there are always the other kinds of photos that humans like to look at and sometimes collections of horrifying things that cannot be unseen so yeah this has taken a turn for the worse but remember credit can be weird not because it Reddit it is weird but because humans are weird and the great thing about Reddit it is that it changes to suit you as you join some but if you like and leave those you don’t to the main page becomes yours listing all the best stuff from all the separate you follow and leaving out stuff from the ones you don’t so credit is a lot like life is what you make it but links are only the tip of the right of Berg because people can discuss the links and this is where the true heart of reddit lives most forms on the internet are hideous but Reddit it inter grandma’s bulletin board just as the balloon sort method finds the best links there’s some math it’s more complicated and that’s explainable that finds the most interesting comments in the discussion and brings them to the top and what it does please comment in a way that encourages back and forth discussions unlike some other comments systems distorting and threading means of the discussion of a link on reddit is always more interesting than the link itself so there are some credits that are nothing but discussion such as change my view for debates or ask a scientist were experts answer questions for there’s I am a where people say what they are I’m a fireman or I’m an escort or I’m a prison guard and answer questions from the comments and because people on reddit are anonymous discussions are way more interesting and open than if people were forced to use their real names though with anonymity you’ll find that not everyone’s private thoughts exposed are beautiful and sometimes it can be uncomfortable to see what the faceless group thinks about a topic but luckily Reddit it has a way to deal with comments you think are unhelpful and despite people who act badly it’s clear that Reddit it can only exist because the majority of people even when anonymous are good but.

This anonymity isn’t required however so you’ll also find actors and authors presidents and prime ministers all on reddit answering questions from the community and what it really is a community with its own culture and history that increasingly has an effect on the physical world with things like meeting up in person and raising money for charity and defending the internet and helping a family be with their sick child and holding the world’s largest secret Santa and sending teachers the supplies they need with its rapid fire democracy and shockingly quick reactions Reddit it can sometimes make you feel more like a citizen of the internet than citizen of your own country but in the end it’s hard to understand Reddit it without just jumping in and commenting and voting which you really should once you get the hang of the place you’ll wonder how you ever internet and without it.

Yes you’re already in use are ready and left the site you should consider buying some radical to support it I was surprised to learn while making this video that despite its increasing popularity Reddit it still isn’t profitable if like me you use Reddit all day it’s more than worth a couple of Bucks a month. (Buy high karma and aged accounts )