Reddit tips and tricks for 2017 and 2018

Hello friends, In this article I would like to cover up all the latest tips and tricks which are going to help you out for 2017. I have compiled a PDF file of it as well as I would like to spread pages here as well.

1- Never post any link with newly created Reddit account till it get 12 days old, otherwise your account will get banned.

2- Never post any link with a newly created account as long as its POST KARMA gets above 100+. However you can post images and post comments to gain enough post and comment karma.

3- You can increase your accont post karma by posting images into some related subreddits like /r/Wallpapers, /r/images, /r/photos, Cats, funny, trees,  etc to get sufficient karmas. I am sure anyone can cross 100+ Post karma in 2, 3 hours easily.

4- (Most secret Tip), Never Logout from your Reddit account for next 10 to 15 mins after you post something on Reddit. you must wait for such duration  and after that you are OK to leave or continue further postings on Reddit. The main logic behind this Tip is that Reddit bots are very sharp and they catch the accounts doing spams. Hopefully you will follow this tip to avoid any issues created with your account.

5- Keep a gap of 30 min between every post, it will be better to keep a longer gap between two posts and also keep on mind to have variation of intervals between each posts, I mean the gaps should not be equal. This way you will not be caught by Reddit algorithms.

6- For increasing your post karma much quicker, you can also use /r/AWW subreddits and Funny or if you have been blocked in Funny you can use use any other alternatives.

7- Always try to choose good names for your accounts and post titles. English names are good for normal type of marketing and wicked type names are best for viral kind of marketing to hide your identity. Because people like to upvote according to niche and conditions.

8- For increasing comment karma, you need to post a question or comment in /r/ASKREDDIT subreddit, this way other people will start commenting and if they like your comment they will do upvote on it, this way comment karma starts increasing.

9- Reddit also blocks accounts been used from a single computer. I mean if you use multiple accounts from same IP and same computer, then there is acute chance of getting the accounts being banned. For this purpose you need to install VPN to change your computer proxies.

10- There are variety of Free VPN extension available in the market for Google chrome. the most recommended are Browsec and Windscribe. However you can use any of your choice.

11- Create different accounts on Google chrome so you can easily use multiple accounts on same pc and its also easy to switch from one to other account quickly. While not disturbing other account work.

12- You can bring your Reddit post to HOT or at TOP of NEW section. The method is that as you post something new on Reddit you have to ask your friends to add upvote from their account. while you can Buy Reddit Upvotes from trusted websites like or to help you out. as upvotes are added the Reddit push your post UP just like gas is filled into Balloon.

13- How to check if your account is shadow banned, type this url , put your account name replacing the YOUR-USERNAME words. If you see normal type of profile showing your post and karmas and other related info, Then everything is OK. If it shows a Big Cartoon image or some kind of funny image on the screen. It means that your account has been got SHADOW BANNED and now its useless. However it can be logged in but it wont help you to get your posts shown in subreddit. You will be the one to see your posts and activities. Such type of account is called SHADOW BANNED ACCOUNT

14- Clean your browser cookies and downloaded data to avoid being banned, Install a google chrome extension Click&Clean and use it properly to clean up everything. This way Reddit bots wont be able to catch your history.

15- For getting upvotes from your friends or from Groups, Never share the real link, you have to share only the title  of your post and subreddit name, where you have posted the contents. There your friends will see and add upvotes. Its the safest way to work.

16- Whats the difference between high karma and low karma accounts, The answer is that Karma adds value to your posted contents and other users take interest in it as its posted using HIGH KARMA REDDIT ACCOUNTs, otherwise people will think its spam if you post using low karma accounts.

17- Where can I get High karma and aged account, Always buy accounts and upvotes from Trusted websites like : , to avoid being scammed or cheated.

18- How to create own Subreddit, For creating own subreddit you have to have a 5 years old account with some karma on it. Reddit has recently updated their algorithms where below 5 years accounts cannot create a subreddit. If created such subreddit is placed as HANGED and useless as they never allow access even to the owner which has created that.

we will share more great infor with your guys as we see there is any updates made by Reddit.