1- Do Freeupvotes.com charge for listing any item?

Ans: NO, Freeupvotes.com offer Free of charge service.


2- I cannot see any button for posting new items?

Ans: You are probably using any AD blocking programe on your browser, You should de-activate and try again.


3- How will a buyer contact me,  if he likes my stuff?

Ans: Freeupvotes.com provide a secure enviroment for shopping and selling out stuff, As a buyer contacts the query is processed by the support team and once it is assured that the buyer is 100% interested and have paid for the stuff, The team will then contact you themself to provide the required stuff for seller.


4- Do Freeupvotes.com charge for selling out sellers stuff?

Ans: Yes. As Freeupvotes.com is providing such a unique and secure platform to Sellers and buyers, they deserve to charge 20% of total amount. But this amount is deducted from both sides by 10-10 Ratio to equalize the charges on both sides.


For more questions kindly contact at: info@freeupvotes.com  (Thanks)