How to get Traffic from Reddit

 Do you remember big one no one’s on dig these days but it used to be popular the new version of Digg is reading everyone’s on reddit it’s one of the top one hundred web sites on the web if you’re not on reddit you’re not trying to get traffic from it you’re missing out you’re doing something wrong so you know what today I’m gonna teach you how to generate more traffic from reddit.

 The first thing you want to do when it comes to read it traffic generation is you got to participate in the community if they’re not participating how will you know how to really leverage so by participating you’ll soon realize what people like what they don’t like you’ll realize what content works and what continent the second thing you want to do is join separate what the summer and it’s our our sections of reddit reddit talk small ad everything out there but you know what their sub sections on fashion marketing even read their sections on everything out there on reddit ever into big point in it the area you’ll also find sub reddits on those topics now that you’re participating in suburbs and you joined up again you want to participate in community see what they like in the suburbs and what they don’t.    * (You may need to read Reddit Tips and Tricks)

 The next thing you want to do is be transparent redditors can smell marketers from mile away and that’s what most people struggle on monetizing and getting traffic from reddit if they’re not transparent we’re going to sniff you well and not of your condoms gonna do while the poor thing you want to do is replicate the content that’s already doing well on reddit so if you see some stuff that’s doing well crib better versions of it Bryan dean has this thing that he called the sky scraper technique Anne’s blog about it many times on the site back legal doc on it which he discusses how someone talks about you know ten ways to launch your own big coin version or a theory embrasure icy or whatever you want to call it then you want to create something called a hundred and one ways in other words you’re getting more detailed in detail just like a scene with all the skyscrapers out there you see these big tall buildings in the US and then boom in the Middle East someone’s I come I’m gonna pop up a building that’s a mile high it’s never ending that’s a skyscraper technique in which when someone already has some amazing content out there you’re gonna make your content ten times more Maisie so much more so that they’re going to be like I don’t want to copy this it’s going to be too much work now that you create your own content the last step is submitting when you submit and you’ve participated you have this community you have this following on reddit you’ll find that the start building up your stuff it’ll start generating you traffic and over time you get more visitors to your site but there’s one cabbie op when you’re trying to get a lot of traffic from reddit you’ll struggle if you do what I do if you go to Neil Patel dot com you’ll notice have sliders pop ups and all these things because I want to collect a lot of emails Redditors hate that so if using hello bar to collect all of your emails put in there within the settings you can say don’t show it to people coming from reddit and by doing that the Redditors will be ticked off when they come to your site buddy for site in general is very aggressive what I’ll have. Happen is known will want to share your content they’re gonna all download it and you’re going to get no traffic from reddit.

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